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Preventative Medicine: Cardiologist Breaks Away From Convention


I recently read this account from Dr. Columbus Batiste, a cardiologist who has embraced proactive heath care and preventative medicine in his approach to Cardiology.  His concise recollection of his journey towards holistic health that breaks away from conventional medicine to better the health of his patients is refreshing and timely.

As the number of people being diagnosed with Heart Disease in North America continues to soar, we need to recognize that a broader approach to heart health, in addition to other chronic illnesses, must be considered.  Dr. Batiste’s concise personal and professional story of taking up a new path in heath is a must read!

Check out Dr. Batiste’s story here:  Why I Abandoned Traditional Cardiology to Become the “Healthy Heart Doc”

Colitis and Kids


I just saw a billboard from Crohn’s and Colitis Canada that stated Colitis is on the rise among Canadian children.  As a mother of two young children, and a Naturopathic Doctor, this latest “disease on the rise” in Canadian children saddens me.

With reports of autism, allergies and obesity on the rise in paediatric populations, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (i.e. Crohn’s and Colitis) is another preventable illness that is compromising the health of our youth.

Crohn’s and Colitis Canada states that diet is not a cause of the condition, although it notes certain foods can aggravate symptoms.  However, after years of working with children and adults with IBD I have seen first hand that eating a high frequency of certain foods can certainly start people of all ages down the path of chronic gut irritation, inflammation and injury.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I recommend taking a therapeutic approach to nutrition for kids with IBD.  This can be difficult for many parents who find their kids are resistant to nutritional changes.  As I parent I realize this can be a challenge.  So while I work with parents and children to address nutritional concerns, there are natural remedy recommendations that I give to help reduce inflammation and increase gut healing.  These remedies are safe for children to take.

Selecting remedies that neutralize inflammation, restore the gut environment and repair the lining of the digestive tract have helped many patients overcome IBD naturally.  My recommendations can be used safely with medication that may have been prescribed by a doctor.  I have found that as we build back the integrity of the gut, patients have been able to use less medication as they have less symptoms.  We continue our work until they regain optimal digestive health.  Then from there, even natural remedies can be streamlined to basic support while we use nutrition and healthy lifestyle to prevent a return of the inflammatory process.

My passion is to teach others about proactive health care and preventative medicine.  This is especially important for parents raising the children of today.  We want to grow healthy and happy children.  Preventative medicine can help stop the rising rates of chronic illness in kids.

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