The Real Deal: Banana Avocado Smoothie


Here’s my last instalment of my 100% plant food smoothie posts.  This one is a simple, silky and sublime smoothie that I love!

Blending bananas and avocados creates a light, fresh smoothie that is packed with nutrition.  This simple little recipe doesn’t have that big fruity taste of the classic fruit smoothie, but it’s subtlety is what makes it so good.

Here’s how to blend this baby:

1/2 avocado

1/2 banana

2 tbsp hemp seeds

1 cup ice

1 cup almond milk or water

Juice from 1 lime (optional)

Blend, baby, blend.  Enjoy!


The Real Deal: My Green Pineapple Machine Smoothie

IMG_4338[1] copy

Today we are continuing along in my series of real food smoothie recipes.  This smoothie is a powerhouse!

Nutritious – Check.

High Fiber – Check.

Plant Protein – Check.

Good Fats – Check.

Alkalinizing – Check.

Blood sugar stabilizing – Check.

Here’s how you make this Green Goddess.

Green Pineapple Machine Smoothie

1 cup pineapple

1 handful greens… i.e. your spinach, kale, or spinach/kale/swiss chard mix 😉

1/2 avocado

2 tbsp hemp seeds

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 cup ice

1/2-1 cup water (less or more depending on your desired preference)

Blend and be blissful.

The Real Deal: My Berry Smoothie

IMG_4295[1] copy

Banana, berries, dates, coconut oil, spinach, hemp & chia seed. A power breakfast or snack, any day!

For the next few Mondays I’m going to be featuring smoothies that are whole food based.  This is me shedding light on how simple and easy it is to make a healthy, nutrient dense, 100% plant based smoothie.

Many of you know that one of my favourite past times is recipe research.  I enjoy sniffing out a great recipe that I can enjoy and share with all of you on my blog.  I also will research recipes to use in my work with my patients when I am designing custom nutrition plans.  It’s great to take a nutrition wish list and, “poof,” design a custom nutrition plan to take them to the next level in their health.

Recently, I was researching healthy smoothie recipes for a plan and I was taken aback by what was being labelled as “healthy.”  I came across one “healthy,” vegan smoothie recipe that added a teaspoon of sugar.  Really!?  Sugar?

Now… you follow my blog, so you know that’s so not necessary…But I digress…

As I flipped through the smoothie recipes in my search I kept finding that each one was missing something or just slightly off the mark.  So… I thought… Ok… I’m going to put some of my own smoothie recipes out into the cyber universe and maybe these recipes turn out being helpful or informative.

So… here’s numero uno of my smoothie recipe series.  Enjoy!

Green Berry Smoothie

1 frozen or fresh banana

1 handful, or more, of frozen berries

1 handful baby spinach, or baby kale, or a baby kale/spinach/swiss chard mix 😉

1 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp hemp seeds

1 tbsp chia seeds

1-2 medjool dates, pitted

1-2 cups Water

Blend.  Adjust quantity of water based on texture preference.  Enjoy

*This smoothie uses whole hemp and chia seeds as a source of protein rather than using a manufactured protein powder.  The coconut oil adds a serving of healthy fats.  Also, the dates are used to naturally sweeten the smoothie while also being high in fiber, which helps to stabilize our blood sugar rather than spike it.  Finally, the greens are a great way to add some veggies to your morning and alkalinize your body pH.


Day 29! Three’s A Magical Charm


So the month is almost up but I’ve got to tell you… green smoothies can have a magical effect on small children.  I’m not kidding.  It happened to us!

This morning I was greeted by my five year old son and a discussion about breakfast… it went something like this:

Me: “Good Morning, Sweetheart.  We are going to have breakfast soon.”

My big boy: “Mommy, can I have a chocolate smoothie?”

* It just so happened that the green smoothie of the day WAS a chocolate (green) smoothie.  See!  The MAGIC!

Me: “Of course, sweet pea!” (Trying to contain my excitement.)

* This smoothie also had spinach, hemp seeds, chia seeds along with the goodies of a frozen banana, raw cacao powder and medjool dates.

THEN… MORE magic… In comes my little two year old…

My little boy:  “Mommy, I want a cho-co-late smoooothie, toooo.”

Me: “Absolutely!”

So over to the blender I go… I blend up a double batch.  I’m thinking it’s looking a little on the green side, but i don’t let on.  😉

I serve it up… my little guy goes “Mommy… this smoothie is green.”  Leave it to the littlest one to call me out on it. :S

Me: “Yes it is sweetheart, but it’s a chocolate smoothie… try it.”  (fingers crossed)

And they both sipped merrily away!

Success!  MAGIC!  Something green, great and divine.


I guess the cool thing that I see repeatedly, not only in my own family but in the family lives of my patients, too, is that doing something healthy everyday around your family can eventually have a trickle effect.  I can pique curiosity.  It starts to become routine.  And it might even be something that everyone tries.  That’s the magic of the simple healthy things we do.  They have a stealthy quality to them… so unassuming… but they have the ability to sneak in and before you know it… your kids are drinking green smoothies with you! 🙂




Morning Energizer


I wanted to share this awesome recipe with all of you!  Let’s skip the coffee in the morning and gear up with green juice!

Check it out here: Low Sugar Green Juice for Energy

This great green smoothie recipe from a Fit Sugar article written by Michele Foley.  It features a variation of one that I’ve recommended to my patients for years.  Personally, I love a green smoothie, and there are so many ways to make one.  They boost energy and are packed with nutrients.

Plus, this one gets extra gold stars from me… why…?

1) It uses Lancinato Kale… my long time favourite veggie!  If you can find it in the grocery store, since more stores are stocking it, that’s great!  It doesn’t have to be organic if you can’t find organic lancinato kale.  If you can’t find this type of kale at all, good old regular kale can be used instead.

2) It’s a low-glycemic index shake.  This is great for those who are working on balancing blood sugar, sweet cravings and appetite.

3) It’s rich with minerals.  Not only is this smoothie going to blast the body with energy boosting nutrients, but it’s also a super source of minerals.  Minerals are important for bone density and nervous system balance.  This shake will do the exact opposite that coffee will do:  it will contribute to building bones and supporting the nervous system.

Bottoms up!

Sweet Summer Vanilla Shake

photo copy

Happy Canada Day!  We are enjoying this great long weekend!  In the spirit of the summer holiday weekend, it’s the best to keep things easy, breezy and light, especially in the kitchen.

This Vanilla Shake is a light and heavenly breakfast or snack option, which is perfect for a summer long weekend.  If you’re on the go, or chilling out at home, this recipe fits the bill.

Sweet Summer Vanilla Shake

1/2 cup raw almonds

2 cups water

2 tsp vanilla extract

3 medjool dates

handful of ice (or one frozen banana)

1 tbsp chia seeds

2 tsp raw unpasturized honey (optional)

Instructions: Blend.  Pour.  Enjoy!

Now That’s A Green Smoothie!

Here’s a really great Green Smoothie recipe that tastes great and goes beyond just adding some “greens powder” or a handful of spinach to the conventional fruit smoothie.

The healthy thing about this recipe is that it tastes great, yet it has a lower fruit sugar content than a fruit based smoothie.  This can be helpful for those looking for a smoothie option that won’t affect their blood sugar.  An avocado is used, in place of a banana, to give the smoothie it’s silky quality.  Avocados rate very low on the glycemic index, where as bananas have a very high rating because of their high natural sugar content.

Also, it’s green, green, green, baby!  Since it consists mainly of green veggies, it’s very alkalinizing for the body, it’s full of nutrients and it’s still a great source of natural fiber.

I throw all the ingredients in and blend this up in a Vita-Mix, which is a very powerful blender.  However, in a regular blender, a smoothie like this turns out best when the denser ingredients are blended first.  Starting with water at the bottom of the blender, add the more fibrous or more solid ingredient.  Blend for a couple seconds to break it down, then add the next, and repeat.  This is done until all the ingredients are in the blender, and finished off by giving it one last whirl to really blend everything together.  This makes a vegetable based smoothie, like this one, more smooth and silky.


1 cup cold water

1 cup ice (optional)

1/2 scoop vegan protein powder (flavours that work best are plain or vanilla)

1 lime, peeled

1/2 avocado

1/2 cucumber

2 cups spinach, packed

Blend and enjoy!