Truly Organic Foods

Hi Everyone!  Every now and then I’m going to post my experience with some of the local vendors who have focused their work on providing healthy food options for our community.  When I first moved to Niagara Falls in 2003 from Toronto, I found getting specialty healthy foods somewhat limited.  Thankfully, the few local health food stores were doing a great job! Now, in 2011, it is so wonderful to see all sorts of options for healthy shopping in this great city!

Kent & Lee

This is Lee and Kent, the founders of Truly Organic Foods, a specialty online store.  They have a passion for pure, real food in the truest sense – Raw & Organic!

Raw organic foods are in a completely natural, unaltered state, all the the nutrients are intact.  Raw foodists are known to have “The Glow”… and it’s true… I’ve seen this myself.  In essence, raw foods are so nutrient dense, they transfer so much goodness to the body.

My favorite.... Chocolate Cashew Clusters, of course!

Moreover, raw foods have come a long way.  We’re not just talking about raw broccoli florets here!  In addition to superfoods, Lee and Kent sell so many pre-made delicious goodies!

The food they are providing is so specialized it is often difficult to find all in one place… so they took the guess work out of it and they’ve created a place to shop for these foods.  Just a few clicks and everything is sent without having to travel very far.

See... Lee's got "The Glow!"

Truly Organic Foods is an online organic superfood store located in St. Catharines, Ontario, specializing in raw, vegan, organic superfood.  Selling quality nuts, seeds, goji berries, hemp seeds, cold pressed coconut oil, raw chocolate products, pure himalayan salt, organic lucuma, maca and much more.  Dedicated to promoting simple whole food preparation, the owners of Truly Organic Foods have started a local meet-up group called Conscious Eating Niagara.  A place where those interested in learning about raw vegan foods can share recipes and inspiration.  They also have created Superfood-Me, Truly Organic Food’s monthly electronic newsletter that touches on educating people about superfoods and other interesting health topics.

Off to place my order… Coconut oil, raw chocolate, himalayan salt, some chocolate nut clusters (…and Lee suggested I try the Cilantro Lime Pistacios and Pepitas) …and I think I need a new nut milk bag for a I’ll do a post soon about making my own Almond Milk… hmmm… anything else…?