Upcoming Events

Hi Everyone!  It has been a really exciting month with a number of events that I’ve been so fortunate to participate in.  Next week I’ll get back to posting hot health topics on Wednesdays, but for today I have my last two events for the fall to invite you to!


Tea Blending Party at Novel Teas in Niagara Falls

When: Friday October 2nd from 12:00-1:00

Where: Novel Teas – 4400 Queen Street, Niagara Falls

The Event: Come spend the hour with me discussing the therapeutic benefit of certain teas.  Participants can create their own tea blends to take home.  I will also be discussing three different tea blends that can be kept at home and used for general ailments like stomach upset, nervousness and insomnia.  In addition to an immune boosting blend that can be enjoyed daily through the fall and winter months.

Cost: $10.00


Live Blood Microscopy Demo at Vita Health

When: Monday October 5th from 11:00-12:00

Where: Vita Health Food Store

The Event: This hour will introduce people to Live Blood Analysis as a clinical tool used to discover deeper layers of heath through evaluating the blood.  Viewing a patient’s blood sample in real time can show if their wellness regime is working for them and/or if there are elements that are needed, such as nutrition, lifestyle strategies or specific natural remedies, to fully optimize their health.  This tool also can reveal early precursors of chronic illness, which heightens awareness regarding preventative and proactive measures that can be done for each individual.

Prizes: Attendees can enter to win one of two FREE* Live Blood Analysis’ with me, Dr. Laura Imola.  *Regular cost is $80.00 per Live Blood Analysis.


This Saturday: Live Blood Demo at Kettlebells Niagara


Watch and learn more about how Live Blood Microscopy can give you a deeper understanding about your health.

I will be offering an information session on Live Blood Microscopy at Kettlebells Niagara.  Attend and gain valuable awareness about how this investigative tool can help uncover how well your health plan is working for you, or what you need to truly optimize your health.

***Enter to WIN a FREE Live Blood Microscopy with me at WIN Health Solutions***

Kettlebells Niagara

Saturday September 26th


6746 Morrison Street, Unit 5

Check out this snapshots of microscopy and get a glimpse into what people are discovering in their blood!  Learn more about LIVE BLOOD MICROSCOPY at WIN Health Solutions: Click here.

This is a view of a healthy blood sample.


Uric acid crystals are a cause of gout and generalized joint and muscle pain. We can see early indications of uric acid crystal build up. Knowing this before it becomes persistent in the blood can help people prevent the onset of chronic arthritis, gout and other musculoskeletal concerns.


Seeing these fibrous spicules in a person’s sample, then working with them to resolve them can help prevent conditions associated with chronic inflammation.

Poor Diet “Biggest Contributor To Early Deaths Across The World”


Diets high in red meat and sugar, and low in plant based food (i.e. vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruit), has been found to be the BIGGEST contributor to early death in the world.  The research has found that poor nutrition is associated with the incidence of leading causes of death such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Sadly, the “Standard North American Diet” has kicked down the door so in many countries and cultural food is being replaced with a love of fast food.  When combined with low physical activity this change is leading to an significant increase in deaths and illness, which are all completely preventable.

Once a fast food lover and vegetable hater myself, I get it.

It’s delicious.  It’s easy.  I don’t have to cook.  I hate vegetables.  I don’t know what to do with them. I don’t have time.  Healthy food is boring.

But people!!!  We need to turn this mentality around otherwise we will get sick.

In my work, I have devoted over a decade of learning and practicing the intricacies of nutrition that can be customized, flexible, tweaked, made approachable and enjoyable.

Not all health care providers will do this kind of work with their patients, or practice what they preach.  It’s tough to learn and re-learn nutrition strategies.  To train or re-train tastebuds and minds.  But I have made it my mission to continue to provide this kind of care.

…To get more and more people eating better and excited about being healthy.

…To help show them what they can do for themselves that no one else is showing them.

…And yes, as always, to CHEER THEM ON, support, advise, inspire and be there for them.

Are you feeling sick, tired and need help with your nutrition?  Do you think you need to get your nutrition on track to help yourself and help your family?  I am happy to help.  Let’s contribute to a healthier society.  For more information email drlaura@winhealth.ca.



Celebrating Is Good For Your Health: WIN Open House

OpenHouse_Final[1] copy

Hey Everyone!  We are getting ready to CELEBRATE at WIN Health Solutions!

Join us in celebrating our new clinic!

Enjoy meeting our providers, touring our new clinic, eating delicious food, scoop up our takeaways, enter to win door prizes, engage in health information and have some fun with us!!

I hope to see you there!

Exhaustion & Burnout: Accepting New Lows?

tired woman with coffee and air horn

tired woman with coffee and air horn

Was your summer restful?  Did you recharge your batteries while soaking up the sun and enjoying time in the great outdoors?  Feeling ready for the change of seasons and change of routine that September brings?

Hopefully your answer to those questions is: Yes!  Bring on Back To School and the Canadian Winter!!  But for some, that might not be the case.

Is it possible that some North Americans find the summer to be more stressful?  That’s what this report claims.

The media often reports on how stressed, burnt out and exhausted we are.  People often admit their busy schedules make them feel tired and run down.  This can happen even during our warmer summer months, and is typically worse in the winter.

Seeking help for fatigue with the medical doctor can be lost in translation because there is often not enough time for this discussion and/or unless there is a treatable concern there isn’t a medication for fatigue.  That being said, many people who are on medication for a treatable concern can still struggle with nagging fatigue.  In addition, many people are found to have normal test results and are otherwise healthy but also fight exhaustion.

It seems that we have come to accept fatigue as a new normal.  Surrendering to it as we continue to take on the go-go-go of our lifestyles.  Is this really how it has to be?  Drag ourselves out of bed, feel that mid-day slump, count on that coffee as a pick me up and then crash at night* (* but chances are many exhausted people don’t sleep well, either).

What do I say to all of this… a loud and resounding: SNAP OUT OF IT EVERYONE!  

Living in an exhausted, fatigue, sleep deprived, hair falling out, burned out state does not have to be your new normal.

Create a state for yourself that includes optimal health.  This is possible for everyone.  If you have a lot to do in your life and want to live life to the fullest, your energy level is a game changer.  There are many factors that can help optimize energy and improve resiliency.

Here are my TOP 5 focal points for fatigue:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Body chemistry (i.e. acidity levels vs alkalinity levels)
  3. Digestive Strength & Nutrient Absorption
  4. Stress Protection
  5. Thyroid/Adrenal Balance  (Note: Did you know that people who have had normal thyroid tests can still need thyroid support?)

Putting these focal points into perspective and determining how they fit into your health picture is something Naturopathic Doctors do everyday with their patients who suffer from ongoing fatigue.  We are a pretty unique group of health care provider who will take on this comprehensive approach to help you.  From there, designing strategies that are a good fit, and providing guidance along the way as people work towards optimal health, is how we help reclaim their best expression of health.

Feeling like you need a boost?  Feel free to email me at drlaura@winhealth.ca for more information about how Naturopathic Medicine in your health care can help.


Cold & Flu Plan

IMG_4614[1] copy

A blend of western and eastern herbs can be helpful at boosting the immune system.

With the change of season only weeks away many people are starting to think about cold and flu prevention.  I’ve met with a number of patients looking to get their cold and flu prevention plan in order now so they are set to start once September comes.

Immune health is something that can be built up prior to catching a pesky cold.  In addition, acute infections, like sinusitis, strep throat, ear infections, upper respiratory tract infections, fevers and gastroenteritis can be treated very effectively with natural remedies.

Taking a proactive approach to immune health, and using natural remedies as a first line therapy at the start of an infection, can reduce the need for antibiotics or over the counter medication.

When working with patients, I talk with them about the things they can do to boost their immune system through the cold and flu season.  This includes nutrition, lifestyle and natural remedy options.  Recommendations are always individualized based on each person’s unique needs.

We also discuss how often they get sick over the cold and flu season.  Then we develop a plan of action to start at the very first sign of an infection.  Everyone is unique and we are even unique in the way we get sick.  What are your first signs of a cold?  Some people experience a scratchy, sore throat, others may get achey and tired, while others may feel congestion in their head, nose and sinuses.  Each scenario responds beautifully to natural treatment when specific remedies are used.

Feel free to contact me at drlaura@winhealth.ca if you would like to work on an individualized immune boosting or cold and flu prevention plan.

Refuel With Whole Foods


I’m on a nutrition kick.  Last week I posted about nutrition reporting that can go horribly wrong.

This week I’m featuring an article that gets it right.  I came across this great article that looked at how to properly refuel after exercise.

Check it out here: How To Properly Refuel Your Body After Working Out

This article offers great guidance about what we want to achieve after a work out and what foods address:

  1. Reducing Inflammation
  2. Immune Support
  3. Muscle Replenishment
  4. Tissue Repair
  5. Hormonal Support
  6. Re-Hydration

I am often asked about what to eat before and after exercise.  This is so important.  I’ve had just as many conversations with people who exercise and feel it’s counterproductive to eat before or after.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Your body needs specific nutrients as fuel for your body.

If you are looking for guidance with your exercise nutrition free free to email me at drlaura@winhealth.ca.  Providing individualized nutrition strategies is something that I am passionate about, as I believe that the foundation of optimal health comes from diet and exercise.  I’m always happy to help answer questions and lend clarity through health education.