New Things In 2016!


I have exciting news to share with you!  As we start a new year, I am looking forward to putting together a very special initiative.  It is something I have always wanted to do.

As I continue my practice in the clinic, I will also be working on creating my very own Nutrition Program!

With fifteen years of nutritional and clinical experience, three years of health blogging, and nearly 700 posts later, I am putting this project in motion.

I have long been inspired to create a nutrition program with my own spin on it.  My intention is to create an approachable plan that combines healthy eating, health promotion and illness prevention that people can access from anywhere.

During this time, as posts on this blog may be fewer, I welcome you to catch fresh health news on the WIN Health Solutions blog and Facebook page.  On a weekly basis we post offerings from the entire team on health related topics.  And of course… feel free to browse the archived posts here for recipes, health information and health inspiration.

I will post updates about the Nutrition Program here when it’s ready to go!

As always, feel free to email me if you have any questions, need information or just want to say “hi” at



WIN Holidays: Give A Little Health 10 Days of Giveaways


At the clinic we are happily looking forward to the holidays and enjoying this festive time of year.  To celebrate with our friends and followers, we are offering something special through our WIN Health Solutions Facebook page and website this year.

We are offering for the first time our Give A Little Health 10 Days of Giveaways!  Each day a special WIN Giveaway will be posted.  If you comment and tag a friend, you have the chance to win the WIN Giveaway.

This year we are also offering gift packages on our website that can be purchased online and given as gifts to those friends and family who you know would love a health related gift.  Check out our Candy Cane Massage, Tummy Tune Up, New Year New Body – Kick Start Package and Laser Therapy Package.

Check out the website for these new offerings and tune into our Facebook page to play along and have some fun with us!

Preventative Medicine: Cardiologist Breaks Away From Convention


I recently read this account from Dr. Columbus Batiste, a cardiologist who has embraced proactive heath care and preventative medicine in his approach to Cardiology.  His concise recollection of his journey towards holistic health that breaks away from conventional medicine to better the health of his patients is refreshing and timely.

As the number of people being diagnosed with Heart Disease in North America continues to soar, we need to recognize that a broader approach to heart health, in addition to other chronic illnesses, must be considered.  Dr. Batiste’s concise personal and professional story of taking up a new path in heath is a must read!

Check out Dr. Batiste’s story here:  Why I Abandoned Traditional Cardiology to Become the “Healthy Heart Doc”

Colitis and Kids


I just saw a billboard from Crohn’s and Colitis Canada that stated Colitis is on the rise among Canadian children.  As a mother of two young children, and a Naturopathic Doctor, this latest “disease on the rise” in Canadian children saddens me.

With reports of autism, allergies and obesity on the rise in paediatric populations, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (i.e. Crohn’s and Colitis) is another preventable illness that is compromising the health of our youth.

Crohn’s and Colitis Canada states that diet is not a cause of the condition, although it notes certain foods can aggravate symptoms.  However, after years of working with children and adults with IBD I have seen first hand that eating a high frequency of certain foods can certainly start people of all ages down the path of chronic gut irritation, inflammation and injury.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I recommend taking a therapeutic approach to nutrition for kids with IBD.  This can be difficult for many parents who find their kids are resistant to nutritional changes.  As I parent I realize this can be a challenge.  So while I work with parents and children to address nutritional concerns, there are natural remedy recommendations that I give to help reduce inflammation and increase gut healing.  These remedies are safe for children to take.

Selecting remedies that neutralize inflammation, restore the gut environment and repair the lining of the digestive tract have helped many patients overcome IBD naturally.  My recommendations can be used safely with medication that may have been prescribed by a doctor.  I have found that as we build back the integrity of the gut, patients have been able to use less medication as they have less symptoms.  We continue our work until they regain optimal digestive health.  Then from there, even natural remedies can be streamlined to basic support while we use nutrition and healthy lifestyle to prevent a return of the inflammatory process.

My passion is to teach others about proactive health care and preventative medicine.  This is especially important for parents raising the children of today.  We want to grow healthy and happy children.  Preventative medicine can help stop the rising rates of chronic illness in kids.

For more information, feel free to email me at

Hair Loss: A Common Female Health Concern


Did you know that hair loss is a common female health concern.  This is something that I find many women that seek my help for the first time are struggling with.

Normally we should lose about 100-150 strands of hair a day.  Some women notice that the number of hairs they are shedding gradually increases to an amount that is not typical for them.  Other women notice their hair volume feels less, or thinner, than in the past.

The clinical term for an alteration in the hair cycle, leading to excess shedding is known as Telogen effluvium.  The causes of this state include excess emotional or physical stress, hypothyroidism, dieting or malnutrition, anemia, adverse effect from some pharmaceutical drugs and chronic illness.  Having a diagnosis of telogen effluvium does not necessarily lead to an effective hair loss prevention pill.

Many women wonder if taking vitamins will help slow the progression or prevent hair loss.  However, most women need an individualized approach to find an effective solution.

Here’s a review of why digging deep and getting to the fundamentals of health is the best way to cure, reverse and address this concern.

  1. Emotional or Physical Stress 
    • Hi, I’m a North American Woman.  I’m certain we’ve met.  You, know… I’m the multi-tasking juggernaut.  I got 99 daily duties and a bubble bath ain’t one.
    • The daily demands that women face are at an all time high.  The emotional and physical stress this puts on our bodies can alter our body chemistry, the way we absorb nutrients and the balance of our physiology.  This has many inward implications with regard to health, and an outward expression of that can be hair loss.
  2. Hypothyroidism
    • An underactive thyroid can result in increased hair loss.  However, women who have not been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, or who have normal thyroid tests, can also experience hair loss related to thyroid health and function.  There are many effective non-prescription options for thyroid support.
  3. Dieting, Malnutrition, Anemia
    • A deficiency in the amount of nutrients taken up by the body can cause structural components, like hair and nails, to become weak.  When calories are restricted, this can lead to a reduction of the supply of the essential building blocks required for hair structure.
    • Anemia can be a symptom of poor nutrient absorption due to poor digestive function.  Women with poor nutrient uptake can also lack the essential building blocks for hair structure.
  4. Pharmaceutical Drugs
    • Certain prescribed and over the counter (OTC) medications can cause hair loss as a side effect.  If you are required to take a prescription medication due to a health concern, there are often natural options that can be safely done alongside a prescribed medication to lessen their side effects.  When it comes to OTC medication, consider consulting a Naturopathic Doctor to discuss natural alternatives that can reduce the need for OTCs.
  5. Chronic Illness
    • Many women suffer with chronic health concerns such as arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, skin conditions and/or allergies.  Did you know that the root cause of these illnesses can also be the cause of hair loss.  Tackling a chronic health concern may seem daunting, but there are ways to help optimize health.  Improved hair quality is just one reflection of balanced health.

If you are seeking a non-prescription approach to improving the quality of your hair, or if you have any questions or would like more information about this topic, feel free to email me at