I am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, have a Bachelor of Science, and am a trained yoga instructor.  I’ve read countless research supporting evidence-based medicine and I’ve seen energetic medicine help countless people.  I’m a mom and a wife. I used to live on my own and now I live with my family. Some days I’m a working mom and some days I’m a stay-at-home mom.  I’ve been a vegetarian, a vegan, dabbled in raw veganism and I’ve eaten meat.  I’ve exercised and not exercised.  I’ve always loved chocolate.

Ahhh the duality of life…

I’ve tried a lot of things out to help me understand what it takes to gain health.  I’ve devoted my life to figuring this out.  What I’ve discovered is, it’s that place somewhere in the middle where the little things, the seemingly mundane things, lead us towards great health.  Who knew?

So here we are…

I’m passionate about healthy living.  I’ve always enjoyed writing.  Put the two together and I thought…

By sharing snippets of my little daily efforts to create health for my family and I, maybe this could inspire others to do little things everyday for their wellbeing, too.  After all that I’ve done in my life for health, the goal is simple… keep it realistic, useful.

Take what resonates with you and run with it.  I’ll try my best to hit the goal, but something I post may not jive with you at all, and that’s ok.  The pieces that do will make winning moments.

I warn you now… I fully intend to share my innermost thoughts in a way that is true to me… which could emerge as:

1)   A bit cheerleader-esque (even though I was never a high school cheerleader… was a bit shy for that back then, although always an optimist…why not start now?)

2)    Sometimes a little silly; because laughter is the best medicine and we’re all here to have a good time!

3)   Straight up serious, since some things just need to be earnestly said/written.

That being said/written… it’s been 19 years since I took my creative writing class (Thank you Mrs. Beck!), and I’m a tad poetic… so pardon any run-on sentences you may encounter.


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