Upcoming Events

Hi Everyone!  It has been a really exciting month with a number of events that I’ve been so fortunate to participate in.  Next week I’ll get back to posting hot health topics on Wednesdays, but for today I have my last two events for the fall to invite you to!


Tea Blending Party at Novel Teas in Niagara Falls

When: Friday October 2nd from 12:00-1:00

Where: Novel Teas – 4400 Queen Street, Niagara Falls

The Event: Come spend the hour with me discussing the therapeutic benefit of certain teas.  Participants can create their own tea blends to take home.  I will also be discussing three different tea blends that can be kept at home and used for general ailments like stomach upset, nervousness and insomnia.  In addition to an immune boosting blend that can be enjoyed daily through the fall and winter months.

Cost: $10.00


Live Blood Microscopy Demo at Vita Health

When: Monday October 5th from 11:00-12:00

Where: Vita Health Food Store

The Event: This hour will introduce people to Live Blood Analysis as a clinical tool used to discover deeper layers of heath through evaluating the blood.  Viewing a patient’s blood sample in real time can show if their wellness regime is working for them and/or if there are elements that are needed, such as nutrition, lifestyle strategies or specific natural remedies, to fully optimize their health.  This tool also can reveal early precursors of chronic illness, which heightens awareness regarding preventative and proactive measures that can be done for each individual.

Prizes: Attendees can enter to win one of two FREE* Live Blood Analysis’ with me, Dr. Laura Imola.  *Regular cost is $80.00 per Live Blood Analysis.


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