Cold & Flu Plan

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A blend of western and eastern herbs can be helpful at boosting the immune system.

With the change of season only weeks away many people are starting to think about cold and flu prevention.  I’ve met with a number of patients looking to get their cold and flu prevention plan in order now so they are set to start once September comes.

Immune health is something that can be built up prior to catching a pesky cold.  In addition, acute infections, like sinusitis, strep throat, ear infections, upper respiratory tract infections, fevers and gastroenteritis can be treated very effectively with natural remedies.

Taking a proactive approach to immune health, and using natural remedies as a first line therapy at the start of an infection, can reduce the need for antibiotics or over the counter medication.

When working with patients, I talk with them about the things they can do to boost their immune system through the cold and flu season.  This includes nutrition, lifestyle and natural remedy options.  Recommendations are always individualized based on each person’s unique needs.

We also discuss how often they get sick over the cold and flu season.  Then we develop a plan of action to start at the very first sign of an infection.  Everyone is unique and we are even unique in the way we get sick.  What are your first signs of a cold?  Some people experience a scratchy, sore throat, others may get achey and tired, while others may feel congestion in their head, nose and sinuses.  Each scenario responds beautifully to natural treatment when specific remedies are used.

Feel free to contact me at if you would like to work on an individualized immune boosting or cold and flu prevention plan.


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