Refuel With Whole Foods


I’m on a nutrition kick.  Last week I posted about nutrition reporting that can go horribly wrong.

This week I’m featuring an article that gets it right.  I came across this great article that looked at how to properly refuel after exercise.

Check it out here: How To Properly Refuel Your Body After Working Out

This article offers great guidance about what we want to achieve after a work out and what foods address:

  1. Reducing Inflammation
  2. Immune Support
  3. Muscle Replenishment
  4. Tissue Repair
  5. Hormonal Support
  6. Re-Hydration

I am often asked about what to eat before and after exercise.  This is so important.  I’ve had just as many conversations with people who exercise and feel it’s counterproductive to eat before or after.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Your body needs specific nutrients as fuel for your body.

If you are looking for guidance with your exercise nutrition free free to email me at  Providing individualized nutrition strategies is something that I am passionate about, as I believe that the foundation of optimal health comes from diet and exercise.  I’m always happy to help answer questions and lend clarity through health education.


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