Taking Water To A Whole New Level: Super Healthy Iced Tea


I have found my thirst quencher this summer.  It’s received my Spidey Stamp of approval!

I stopped in to Novel Teas last Friday to gather with a great group of women and give a talk about the therapeutic benefit of tea.  I had a wonderful time there, as I always do.  During the talk we enjoyed natural iced tea and I instantly fell in love.

Regular iced tea is full of sugar, artificial ingredients and extra calories our body doesn’t need.  The sugar content in regular iced tea also prevents the body from being hydrated.  Drinking naturally made iced tea is an effective way to hydrate the body and it’s healthier.

Dale, the owner of Novel Teas, has a wide variety of loose leaf tea blends, and many of them make a fabulous cold drink.  When steeped, these teas have a naturally sweet flavour without any artificial ingredients, sugar or artificial sweeteners.  I enjoyed a chilled apple cinnamon tea.  She also served a fruity chilled tea.  They were both delightful on a hot day!

This is a great way to add an new twist on the day’s hydration.  In addition, for those who don’t like drinking water or feel the flavour of water is boring, drinking a natural iced tea is a healthy and excellent way to boost the flavour of water without adding harmful artificial water sweeter like Mio or Crystal light.

Dale recommended I try the Strawberry Kiwi blend.  I made some this weekend and it was a hit!  It was mildly sweet, tangy and refreshing without adding any natural sweetener.

I also tested out using a little maple syrup to sweeten it slightly and it worked beautifully.

There are many ways to make natural iced tea… see hereand here.

I would recommend stopping in to see Dale at Novel Teas, pick out a flavour that you fancy and get her directions for making a fantastic iced brew!



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