Vitamins Cause Cancer?


The media is having a heyday with this one.  A study was recently released that showed that participants who took vitamins were no healthier and were at risk for developing cancer.

There are some major considerations that balance these claims.  Let’s look at the discrepancies in vitamin supplementation that could have led to these claims.  In addition, let’s look at how the use of natural remedies, like vitamins, can help people.

1) Vitamin Quality – There are many brands of vitamins for sale on store shelves that contain very little active or therapeutic ingredients.  People take them thinking they are doing their body good, but the truth is they are not.  A pill, even a natural one, does not necessarily cure every ill.

2) Supplement Chemistry – Unfortunately, the big manufactures of vitamins see the bottom line… their sales.  These manufactures will use the cheapest variation of a nutrient to keep cost down.  This way they can sell massive volumes.  Classic examples of this is natural versus synthetic Vitamin E (i.e. alpha tocopherol vs “vitamin E”) and CoQ10 (i.e. active ingredient Ubiquinol vs active ingredient shown as “CoQ10” or “Ubiquinone”).  These cheaper compounds have been linked to health disturbances, but often the public isn’t informed about this and the manufactures continue to sell them.

3) Lifestyle Quality – Chronic disease is on the rise.  If you take vitamins and are not eating, exercising or sleeping properly, vitamins are NOT going to protect you against illnesses like cancer.

4) More Is Not More – Some people adhere to taking large doses of certain natural remedies thinking this is a good thing.  If you are taking a poor quality supplement, or if your not absorbing well from your gut, chances are you are not getting any benefit from what you are taking even in higher doses.

In my practice, I work with patients to properly choose what vitamins, minerals and other natural remedies their body needs based on their unique needs.  This includes coaching on quality, dosage, frequency and duration of the natural remedy.

Many people have a collection of natural remedies based on what they saw on television, were told about by a friend or were advised by a retailer.  I also talk with patients about what vitamins they DO NOT need.  They are often surprised to learn how to keep it simple and more strongly support their health.

Email me at for more information on whether or not your supplementing is doing your body good.

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