Hot Topic: Detoxing


Last week I participated in an online health education initiative, “The Great Detox Debate” offered by tujawellness.  I’ve posted the video at the end of the post in case you missed it or want to catch an encore of our discussion.

From our discussion, you will gather that I feel that detoxing can be helpful for some people but it’s not a true solution.  I am wary about this trend because I have met with countless patients who have tried doing a  “detox” and yet find themselves still battling health concerns.

For those who feel great during a detox, my question always is… What happened when the detox protocol ended?   Did you go back to your usual meal and lifestyle choices after the detox or did you continue eating clean? Have your health concerns resolved or did they come back a few weeks after ending the detox?  Do you feel like your body learned to sustain this efficiency after the detox?

I often find that it’s a matter of time before the results of the detox fade.  This is why I think detoxing is misleading.  Yes, it can be a helpful tool.  It can be the jumpstart that some people need to boost their physiology.  However, we need to learn from these experiences and extrapolate them into everyday life.  Eating nutritiously 365 days a year facilities detoxification everyday and helps to prevent the development of chronic health concerns and illnesses.

It’s just like anything… if we use a detox as a “crash course” to quickly get our bodies feeling good or looking good the results will not last, especially when we revert back to old habits.

And… just like in school, it’s tough to learn something really well when we pull an all-nighter before the test. We may remember it for the test, but that information is quickly forgotten.  The same goes for doing a detox to teach the body how to detox.  A short intense period of “healthy eating” and supplementing to optimize detoxification pathways will do very little to actually TEACH the body how to MAINTAIN it’s own efficiency for most people.

Maintaining optimal detoxification is the key for good health and feeling vibrant no matter what our age.  In this case, slow and steady wins the race.  The little things we do everyday to take care of our bodies is the best detox strategy.

For more real solutions to optimize your body’s ability to detoxify and prevent health concerns and illnesses, feel free to email me at

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