Don’t Believe the Hype: A Decade of Menopause


Cue the moans and groans: Experts report menopause can start 10 years before the cessation of menses.

Many women can experience hot flashes and night sweats in their 30s and 40s.  The experts in the study, released in JAMA, observed this and interpreted this finding to indicate the start of menopause even though this truly is not the case for most women.  When we dig deeper than the surface observation we will find that there are options to help restore hormone balance and resolve symptoms.

There is science to support that fluctuating hormone levels and the slowing of function in the ovaries is the reason why women can experience hot flashes and night sweats earlier than fifty, the mean age for menopause.  Yet, conventional medicine fails to offer the next step in assisting women to find options that naturally OPTIMIZE ovarian hormone secretion and NORMALIZE fluctuation hormone fluctuations… because the options are out there.

In my practice I have worked with many women who were frustrated when told they were “Perimenopausal” and given two options 1) medication (The Pill or an antidepressant) or 2) wait and see.  The added suggestion in the article referenced above included 3) avoid spicy food 4) dress in layers and 5) adjust room temperature levels accordingly.  For so many women these are just not acceptable or effective solutions!

Once we work on an individualized plan to balance a women’s own hormone picture, which includes improving hormonal tissue function (ie. the ovaries, the pituitary) and supporting their body’s own secretion of estrogen and progesterone, the hot flash and night sweats resolve.

Moreover, cortisol, the stress hormone from our adrenal glands, can significantly impact female hormone balance.  For some women, their night time hot flashes and sweats are actually related to irregular shifts in cortisol, not because of declining ovary function.

There are wonderful, effective and safe options that fine tune female physiology.  Over time, stress, pregnancy, illness and life changes can shift the delicate balance of the hormonal system.  If measures are not taken to restore the balance of things, the hormonal system can get further and further out of alignment.  Taking a drug to treat these types of symptoms only masks the deeper concern and puts women at risk for developing toxicity and more severe health issues down the road.

When we think broader about health and the way a woman’s body works, we can resolve concerns here and now.  Thus preventing women from experiencing a compromised level of health and a long road of unanswered questions.

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