Taco Salad 2.0 ;)


salad tossed

Hi Everyone!  This recipe snuck out last week!!!

For those seeing it for the second time… I present the 2.0 version of this post… updated with…GRAPHICS!!!  Your excitement is palpable.  lol.  (The Backstory: this lush photo of the finished recipe wasn’t in last week’s post that went out early.)

…But I digress… For those of you who didn’t try it yet, I highly recommend!

Taco salad usually involves greens, ground meat, shredded cheese and a tummy ache.  😉  But the classic recipe can be used as inspiration to make it fresh, wholesome, tasty and satisfying.  With my version you won’t even miss the meat or the cheese.

There is something really balanced about all the elements in this recipe.  This recipe combines greens, fiber, protein, carbohydrates and good fats.  It’s also super tasty.

Here’s how you can easily throw this salad together…

salad raw

Mix a combination of these ingredients:

– Lettuce of your choice (e.g. romaine, spinach, kale, red or green leaf… I snagged this shredded greens mix at Costco that had kale, cabbage, shredded Brussel sprouts (!!!), swiss chard and other greens… pure awesomeness.)

– Avocado slices or cubes

– Cooked corn (non-GMO)

– Chopped tomato

– Black Olives

– Black Beans, or beans of choice (e.g. Chick peas, Kidney beans)

– Sliced Red Onion

– Chopped Bell Pepper

– Chopped raw broccoli (*optional)

Top with slices of toasted strips of Ezekiel tortilla.  These turn out crunchy like corn chips, and a baked sprouted grain tortilla is healthier for you than chips.

Add a dollop of Salsa.

Dress with a Lime Vinaigrette.

– 1 part lime juice, 2 parts olive oil, a little sea salt and pepper to taste

And… you’re done!

Enjoy this flavourful, nutrient dense salad as a meal or a side dish!  🙂


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