Join Dr Laura: Tujawellness Meditation Challenge



I have been invited to contribute to another awesome tujawellness initiative!  Last year I participated in their Mediation Challenge.  This year I am participating as a meditation guide.  I will be leading one of the meditations in the first week of the challenge.

I have also signed up and joined the meditation challenge this year.  Meditation benefits the body and the mind in so many ways.  I also love that tujawellness offers a link of the daily meditation to those who join, which makes completing the meditation that day easy.  Participants can meditate any time that works for them.

Last year, the meditation would be the last thing I did before going to bed.  I found that this was the best time for me as it was a great way to clear my mind of the things I did that day and cultivate some calmness and focus.

We can all use more restorative time in our lives.  Try out this challenge and feel the difference it will make!

Join me & learn to meditation for FREE – with daily guided meditation recordings. Sign up here.



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