Wring Out The Stress: The Holidays are coming!


Before you “Ring in the New Year” take time to wring out the stress.  The change of pace this time of year inevitably effects everyone in some way.  Some feel it more than others.

During the “regular” (i.e. non-Holiday) weeks of the year I feel my best when I get a weekly dose of yoga.  I always hope that the holiday bustle doesn’t sway me to skip my stretching because it can start to make a big difference in the way I feel, my energy, my sleep and my management of stress.

Stretching is a very effective way to release tension and detoxify the muscles, joints and organs.  When we combine that with deep breathing, even for just a few minutes, this can significantly balance our stress hormones (aka cortisol).

Taking in a regular yoga class is great, but there are some very simple and easy stretching exercises that you can do at home.  Check out this great example: How To Stretch The Toxins Out Of Your Body.

In the upcoming weeks and months, be sure to watch for more posts that feature the simple, easy, yoga inspired strategies that help detoxify and reduce stress.  These days I’m all about making the old school new again…those yogis truly knew what they were doing.



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