Making Old School, New School: Warming Sock Treatment


There are so many amazing old school therapies that I was taught and still recommend in my practice.  Before the advent of antibiotics, people knew how to stimulate the immune system using some pretty basic things.  They knew what they were doing to prevent infections from festering, let alone from happening in the first place.

One such old school therapies that I recommend is known as the Warming Sock Treatment.  It is also referred to as the Wet Sock Treatment.  I discussed this great prevention and treatment for the common cold in my WIN Webinar last week on Boosting The Immune System Naturally.

The Warming Sock Treatment is profoundly effective and can be done at home by virtually everyone.  It’s rooted in the ancient practice of Hydrotherapy, or water therapy.  Patients who have done this home therapy at the first sign of a cold or flu can often prevent its onset.  In addition, using it during a cold or flu will help resolve the condition more quickly and often promotes less congestion and better sleep.

Here’s how it’s done:

*You are feeling:

a) Early sign of a sore throat

b) Start of a runny nose

c) Head congestion

d) Run down

e) All of the above

What you need:

1) A thin pair of cotton socks

2) A thick pair of wool socks

3) Water

Warming Socks Treatment – Done Before BEDTIME

1) Optional – fill a tub with very warm water and soak your feet for 10-15 minutes.

2) Take your thin cotton socks, soak them with cold water and then wring them out really well.  Put them on.

3) Take your thick wool socks and put them overtop of the cotton socks.

4) Go straight to bed and get warm.  Put extra blankets on top if needed.

5) While laying there you will notice your feet start to warm up. More on this later!

6) When you wake up in the morning the socks will be dry.  Most people feel very rested and have less symptoms, or resolved symptoms from night prior.

7) Repeat for 2-3 more nights, as needed.

How / Why Does This Work?

The body is always working to maintain balance, also known as homeostasis.  When the socks are worn, the body moves a higher volume of blood to the feet to warm them up.  This strongly supports blood circulation.  When blood circulation is strong, this also influences strong lymphatic circulation.  The movement of blood and lymph is the best way to boost the immune system.  This is all happening while we are at rest, so our body can deal with infectious organisms and inflammation of the mucus membranes, which is the cause of our symptoms.

When this is done at the earliest signs of a cold, the immune stimulation is so great that people can wake up symptom free.  Warming socks are really best done during this stage, before an infection has taken a good foot hold.  However, like I mentioned earlier, this can still be used to help clear congestion in a developing cold.  Furthermore, this home therapy can be helpful for headaches, migraines, ear infections and cold hands and feet.


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