Thyroid Health: The Big Picture


Last week I presented a WIN Webinar on the topic of Optimizing Metabolism.  I thought this was a really important health topic to present on because I find in my practice I talk with so many people, mostly women, who are suffering with one or a combination of symptoms related to metabolism.  Many of the people I speak with tell me their experiences and there are two common situations that they share.  Some are being treated for a thyroid condition but still struggle with symptoms, while others feel unwell despite normal lab tests.

People who suspect they have a thyroid issue can experience fatigue, weight gain, difficult weight loss, hair loss, constipation and/or intolerance to the cold weather.  It can be frustrating to patients who are not feeling their best even though they are doing all they can through conventional health care to be well.

A recent article reviewed how the conventional route of testing for thyroid issues may not be the most ideal.  In North America, thyroid conditions are a top chronic health concern.  To diagnose a thyroid condition medical doctors will request patients have a blood test to evaluate their TSH levels.  However, leading experts feel concern about using this test as the gold standard.  Furthermore, this is just one of a number of testable hormone levels that can be used to more fully understand what is happening metabolically.  For example, when I work with a patient expressing concern and we have gone on to test other thyroid markers through blood work, or adrenal status through salivary hormone testing, imbalances may be found that were not previously discovered and we understand more clearly what is happening metabolically.

Read more here: Sick of being tired? Sneaky signs your thyroid is slacking off.

As a Naturopathic Doctor I think about the Endocrine System as a whole when anyone seeks my help for a thyroid condition.  Taking in the totality of a person’s metabolic function is important if we want to find a treatment plan that is effective for that individual.  Addressing each person’s unique health picture will help re-establish efficiency in the way their body works, which results in the resolution of symptoms.

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