It’s Time: Cold & Flu Prevention


It’s a wonderful thing to see warmer temperatures stretch into September.  We all benefit from the sun and the pleasant temperatures.  Even though the cooler weather hasn’t hit us too hard yet, the cold and flu season is starting to roll in.

The best way to prevent an illness is to not get sick.  This old philosophy has helped my patients, children and adults alike, avoid getting down and out with colds and flus.  The best outcomes occur when patients start an immune supportive plan in early fall.  Often it’s the simple strategies keep families protected from infection through the winter months.



Vitamin C, Vitamin D and/or multivitamins may offer protection from infection.  However, many people still experience illness even though they are taking vitamins.  This is often due to poor absorption or lower levels of capsule concentrations than what is labelled.

It is more effective to focus on boosting the body’s innate ability to protect itself from infective microorganisms.  Our immune system, lymphatic system and digestive health play a major role in this.  Moreover, an individuals’s balance of optimal pH can set them up for strong immune defence.

Frequently using over the counter medication (e.g. cold & sinus medication) or repeated antibiotic use can stifle the body’s ability to learn how to fight off infection.  There are very effective natural options that teach the body how to mount an organized and effective immune response to clear up an infection.  When we take this approach individual’s healing capacity evolves by becoming stronger and more self sufficient.  This is so important for kids because if we start establishing this early on they will have excellent immune health into their adulthood.  For adults with a history of poor immune strength, the immune system can still be worked on and optimized.



This is what I advise when it comes to vibrant immune health:

1) Customize your immune plan.  We are all different.  I assess how people get sick and develop a specific plan from there.  Are you prone to sinus infections?  Does your child get frequent sore throats?  Does it take you more than 3-5 days to clear up a cold?  Do your colds go right to your chest?  I take an individualized approach depending on each patient.  This leads to excellent outcomes for each person.

2) Start Early, Start Now!  Starting an immune support plan early yields great benefits.  Firstly, it can help patients sail through the fall and winter months with less infections, or prevent them altogether.  Second, it can help to reduce the intensity of symptoms experienced if they do get sick.

3) Have an ACUTE plan. Depending on the patient, I always give a take home plan that can be used at the very earliest signs of an infection.  Treating a cold or a flu this way can help abate the infection from starting.  If the infection does develop, this can prevent the need for pharmaceuticals and it helps lessen the severity and duration of the symptoms.  This is something people can easily do at home, and it’s great for parents who need a go-to strategy for their kids when they see the early signs of a cold or flu coming on.


Each year I work with patients to get them ready for the cold and flu season.  To jump right into proactive care, call the clinic and book yourself, or your child, in for the Immune Program at WIN Health Solutions (scroll to the “Programs” section on our website to read more).  This is a great way to get to the heart of a customized cold & flu prevention plan that will keep you protected through until next summer!



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