Fish Oil Prevents Degenerative Brain Diseases

fish oil

Our brain is almost entirely composed of fat.  In addition, our nerve cells are coated with a myelin sheath, which is a fatty cushion that helps to insulate nerve cells and facilitate nerve signal conductivity.

Research that focuses on the prevention of degenerative brain changes that are part of dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis has more recently been evaluating good fats and their protective benefits for the central nervous system.  Naturopathic Doctors have long understood the importance of healthy fats when it comes to brain health.  Going beyond degenerative brain disease, good fats play an important roll in the brain health of those struggling with depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, insomnia and chronic stress.

This new article posted on Shine reviews new research on fish oil published in the journal of Alzheimer’s & Dementia.  Check out the article here: FISH OIL BOOSTS BRAIN POWER.  

When we are considering healthy fats for brain health and the prevention of degenerative conditions these are the best fats to add to our diet:

– Omega 3 fatty acids like Fish Oil* & Flax Seed Oil**

– Coconut oil

– Avocados

– Raw Nuts & Seeds

The sources listed offer the highest quality healthy fats for our physiology.  This is another example of food as medicine.  Healthy fats in our diet have so many important benefits in addition to brain health.

* It is important to choose a good quality fish oil because it is true that there can be a great deal of discrepancies between what is labeled and what is actually in a dose.  My favourite brand of fish oil is from a professional company called Genestra.  In addition, health food store often carry good fish oil products from company’s like Nordic Naturals and Ascenta (formerly known as Nutra Sea).

** In my opinion, the Omega company makes the best liquid flax seed oil.  This is available in all health food stores and most grocery stores.



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