5 Health Findings for Women

mother nature

Many of you might remember the study that was done by the National Institute of Health in 1991 to study the effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy for postmenopausal women.   The study was halted in 2002 because researchers were observing serious health risks experienced by the cohort of women taking the hormone in the trial.

Interestingly, researchers continued to follow up with the women in the study to assess other components of female health.  Check out this article that reviews the highlights to their findings: 5 LESSONS FROM THE LARGEST SCIENTIFIC STUDY ON WOMEN EVER.

These are summarized below and are completely in line with my own feedback about women’s health.

Health Findings from the National Institute of Health WHI Study:

1) Do not take hormones longer than you have to.

Dr. Laura’s Feedback: And if possible… don’t take hormones at all!!  There are so many fantastic, safe and effective natural solutions for all female hormone concerns.  The most important thing when it comes to a natural approach is to ensure it’s a good fit for that individual, which will enhance it’s effectiveness.

2) Low-fat diets are good, but not enough to reduce your risk of some cancers and cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Laura’s Feedback: “Low-fat” does not mean switching to “fat free,” “zero-fat,” or “no-fat” diets.  Nor does it mean ditching fat from the diet.  This means eliminating saturated fat from animal based foods.  These are the fats linked to cancer and heart disease.  Conversely, a diet rich in plant based fats (nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.) and omega 3 essential fatty acids (flax seed oil, cod liver oil) is tremendously protective against the development of disease and premature aging.

3) Taking vitamin D and calcium may not be worth it.

Dr. Laura’s Feedback: Fascinating!  This comes down to two factors.  1) Absorption.  Manufactured nutrients have a long track record of poor absorption.  If we don’t absorb, they run out of our body through our gut and kidneys.  2) Acid/Alkaline Balance.  If we take bone building supplements but our body chemistry is continuously acidic, no matter how much we supplement, our minerals will be leached out of our bones to neutralize acidity in our bloodstream.

4) Ditch the diet soda.

Dr. Laura’s Feedback: Yes, please do.

5) If you’re at high risk for melanoma, aspirin might help.

Dr. Laura’s Feedback: This is an interesting finding.  Although the correlation was strong with this finding, the lowering of the risk was only 20%.  Aspirin can lead to toxic burden with long term use.  The anti-inflammatory activity of Aspirin is what the conventional medical community is so focused on.  As a Naturopathic Doctor, I know that natural anti-inflammatory agents like omega-3 essential fatty acids, high potency enzymes and bioflavenoids can have the same therapeutic effect as Aspirin without any risk of adverse effects.

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