Children’s medications not adequately studied


I came across this intriguing post today and I wanted to share it with you.  It is an article written by Dr. Martin Offringa and Dr. Terry Klassen, who are both immersed in Child Health studies.

Their article reviews how evidence is lacking for most of the medications recommended to children with regard to their safety.  Many commonly used medications are not adequately studied or even formally approved.


I was intrigued by this post because of the continued level of complacency by Health Canada and the health care system.  Although it’s a subject we don’t hear much about, it is a concern that has been documented for many pharmaceutical drugs.  Furthermore, it makes me wonder how long this will continue to go on for before funding is set aside to properly study and understand the complete safety profile of a drug, for children and adults alike.

Check out this lengthy article about Health Canada’s gaps drug safety evaluating before approval: SAFETY STUDY GAPS

There is a growing awareness in the public about the importance of minimizing the use of pharmaceutical interventions when it comes to the health of children.  The fact is, there are many safe, natural and highly effective options for many common childhood health concerns.


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