Special Mushrooms!


The summer season isn’t only great for the fruit I keep posting about… but there is also a great selection of vegetables, too!  I came across some really healthy looking shitake mushrooms and enoki mushrooms.  These just looked exceptionally good… and I had to pick some up to add to our dinner-time stir-fry.

I love shitake mushrooms because they are very meaty and give great substance to a stir-fry.  Shitake mushrooms also have a long historical use in Traditional Chinese Medicine for immune support.  The enoki mushrooms are more on the delicate side and although they don’t have any major health properties, they are  just really pretty to add. 🙂

The produce quality is so much better this time of year.  It’s such a treat to enjoy so much variety!  Let’s make the most of it while we can!

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