Heavy Metals & Child Health

swing 10.06.31 AM

The NPR recently posted an article that looked at an ongoing issue in China involving lead exposure and its impact on children.  This is a very important finding that is not only something that is of concern for children in China.

See the article here: Lead Exposure May Cause Depression and Anxiety in Children

Heavy metals, like lead, can be present in children’s toys.  Children in North America are also exposed to toys containing lead.  In addition, even though leaded gasoline was banned years ago, our modern day environment is full of lead.

Many have disputed that small amounts of heavy metals have no significant effect on the human body.  However, heavy metals, even in low bodily concentrations can have disruptive neurological effects.  The study done on children in China noted above is an excellent example of this.

The Environmental Health Perspectives journal also has a great reference on two studies looking at heavy metal exposure and health in children.  The first looks at the possible link between lead and ADHD in children.  The second looks at how lead and cadmium in the environment could be causing hormonal disruption in girls at puberty.

Review there here: EHP Articles About Heavy Metals and Child Health

Environmental Medicine is a very new area in health care.  It is a very important area since research is more strongly supporting that our global pollution issues is impacting our health.  This underscores the need for kids to be healthy and have their normal routes of detoxification be supported.

In my practice, I offer non-invasive heavy metal toxicity testing for kids, through urinary tests.  In addition, I work with parents to educate them about what they can do to protect their children from the burden of our environment.  This preventative approach for children will address their health in the here and now, and also set them up for their most optimal health during their teens and adulthood.


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