Summer Fresh Tacos


Doesn’t this take on tacos look divine!?  I made a variation of this recipe this weekend for lunch and it was a quick, easy, substantial and tasty meal.  I added some salsa to mine and some black beans.  There are so many ways this recipe can be tweaked to make it your own.

For example…

Add leafy vegetables like spinach (cooked or raw) or shredded raw cabbage (red or white).  Add other veg like shredded carrot (raw or cooked), green peas, bell peppers (raw or cooked).

If cilantro isn’t your thing… and a small handful of crisp lettuce.

Add some protein content with black beans, black eyed peas or lentils.  These small beans work really well in wraps.  A sprinkle of rice or quinoa would go well here.  Denser protein choices like baked tempeh, scrambled eggs, tuna, chicken or turkey can also be added.

I just love summertime for all the fresh food options.  It’s a great time of year to experiment with vegetables and enjoy new recipes!


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