Tis the Season To Eat Weeds



It’s dandelion season!  Are you eating them?  This is a shot of my regular salad this time of year.  It’s Dandelion Greens!

You can buy Dandelion Greens at Zehrs this time of year.  Check the grocery store you frequent to see if they are stocking it, too!

Dandelion greens have a very mild bitter flavour, however this bitterness is what gives this plant health properties.  We give dandelion in tincture or capsule form in the clinic to help with liver detoxification and to support digestion.

Eating your herbs is another great way to get them.  Especially something as easy as salad greens like these.

Dandelion greens can be enjoyed on their own with a little homemade dressing or mixed with other salad greens.

Although you can’t see it… to this salad I added avocado cubes, a handful of pumpkin seeds and a handful of raisins.  This made a hearty and healthy salad that I knew my liver would love. 😉






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