LIVE Webinar Event – 9 More Days Left!


Connect the dots in your health!

It’s not too late to register for next week’s LIVE Webinar Event!

Health Evolution to Revolution by Dr. Laura Imola

Wednesday May 28th from 7:00-8:00pm

Enjoy this innovative and informative LIVE Health Webinar from the comfort of

your own computer.


Chronic disease is on the rise in North America.  Our youngest generation of children are predicted to have shorter life expectancies than we have.  In an age where we have the most advanced modern health practices, why is this happening?

Dr. Laura Imola presents the most essential health information on being proactive in our health to prevent illness and slow the aging process.  With over a decade of professional and personal experience in health, Dr. Imola knows what it takes to experience authentic health and she’s excited to share her expertise with everyone.

This webinar is designed to help inform and empower others through health education and health awareness.

Email to attend.





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