Autism Estimate Increases to 1 in 68 Children in U.S.


Click image to read Dr. Mercola’s article on autism.

In 2007 I attended a lecture by one of my mentors, Dr. Robert Abell, and he talked about how autism was quickly becoming a growing concern in paediatric health. At the time of the lecture the statistic was that one in 150 children were being diagnosed annually in the U.S. with autism.  At that time, that statistic was heartbreaking to me.

The CBC reported a couple of weeks ago that the latest statistic is 1 in 68.  Although Dr. Mercola is reporting it’s more like 1 in 50.  This is an alarming wake up call that the health of our children in North America is rapidly being compromised, leaving so many children at risk for developing autism or autism spectrum disorder.

In Naturopathic Medicine we see the susceptibility for a child to become autistic linked to an early exposure to factors that can compromise the nervous system, digestive system and immune system.  Babies are exposed to so much more than several decades ago when autism rates were lower.  Factors such as environmental pollutants (which contribute to fetal body burden), toxin exposure, food-like chemicals, food allergens, genetic predisposition, infections and stress can lead to injury.  Many of these factors are not well detoxified by the body.  When they linger in the body and are not eliminated, they can lead to irritation, inflammation, disruption and destruction of the most sensitive body system, like the brain and nervous system. From birth to the age of seven a child’s body is very immature and still developing.  Exposure in these years can have a major impact on that development.

This statistic is a call to all of us to prevent our kids from being inundated by toxins their bodies cannot process. Moreover, its becoming increasingly important to educate women of reproductive age about the significance of detoxification, reducing their body burden and being proactive in their health so the future generations of children can have their best start.

For more information about how Naturopathic Medicine can help children with autism or autism spectrum disorder, and help support the overall health of children and expectant mothers, email me at


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