May Detox Challenge: Hydrotherapy At Home


In an earlier post in April I wrote about the benefit of hydrotherapy.  It’s a daily health practice that has disappeared from our modern lives.  However, hydrotherapy can have tremendous health benefits.  It can help with improved energy levels, detoxification, immune defence and vascular tone.  I came across a great article from Alive Magazine that featured old world hydrotherapy, and how hydrotherapy can be re-introduced now to address certain health concerns.

From that article, I’m going to take one feature and run with it for the month of May.  I have one more challenge in me before the summer rolls in…My May Health Challenge Is…


Wait!?  What??  Why?!

I have the answers…

What is a Cold Water Rinse?

a) Take a regular warm/hot shower.

b) Get Ready

c) Turn shower water to cold

d) Do 10 seconds of cold water on back… while slowly deep breathing or else you might scream.  😉

e) Once you get accustom to this practice advance to 10 seconds back and front, while deep breathing.  Some methods suggest working up to 20-30 seconds on each side.

Why do a Cold Water Rinse?

Ok… I’m really not looking to torture myself.  Hydrotherapy has tremendous health benefits.  This may seem completely foreign to us when we start, but stepping outside our comfort zone inevitably brings new awareness and change for the better.  In the case of hydrotherapy, and ending showers on cold, the body experiences health benefits and over time many people adapt and are not as shocked  traumatized surprised by the change in temperature. 😉

Check out these great articles that discuss the benefit of ending a regular shower with a Cold Water Rinse.

Chatelaine Magazine: The health benefits of taking a cold shower

Popsugar: Hot or Cold?  The Benefits of Both Kinds of Showers

Dr. Mercola: Why a Cold Shower May Be More Beneficial to Your Health


The Cold Water Rinse Challenge for May

Am I apprehensive to try this?

You bet!

I love my hot showers.  Usually, I feel chilly more often than not… so hot showers, warm knit sweaters, layers of blankets… those things appeal to me in a very significant way.  The cold… not so much.

However… I used to practice this in the past.  And I’ve been re-introducing it here and there more recently again.  Some days are better than others… but what’s a challenge without a wee bit of discomfort?

I also can’t deny the health benefits.  Finally, I have an interest in bringing old school health practices into my life.  Perhaps some of these practices are what made my grandmother’s generation of people so resilient in their health.


Challenge Goals: Do a cold water rinse at least 3 times a week.

  • If it goes well, I will try to work up to a daily cold water rinse — stay tuned!

The Bigger Question Is… Who’s with me?  Are you up for May’s Hydrotherapy Health Challenge?

Follow me on Twitter @drlauraimola to get reactions, feedback and info on the challenge.  Tweet me @drlauraimola with questions or your own feedback #Hydrotherapy

AND… If you’re in… I created this printable tracker for May.  I’m going to use it to check off the days I do my home hydro.  Click this link to download your copy: May 2014 Hydrotherpay Tracker


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