April Vegan Challenge: Final Week!!!


Hi Everyone!  I can’t believe it but this post marks the finale of our April Vegan Challenge.  It’s been a lot of fun trying new recipes and hearing your experiences.  I’ve been so inspired by your stories!

We did it!!  Way to go!!  Big High Fives All Around!

Along with many of you who experienced health improvements, Dr. Ernie and I also felt great, too. We learned a lot and had fun with it.

For the last three days of the month, I’m posting my family’s most favourite recipes from the month.  This is our victory lap!

There were many recipes that we loved that didn’t make it in these three days!  Yet, I am so grateful to have tried them out since now they will be a regular part of our meals and snacks.  (Hellooo Kale Chips… who knew?!)

If you have your favourites, use this week to enjoy them again.

We are going to keep the momentum going for May.  We are still in spring health mode, so to make the most of this time of year there is one final (smaller) health challenge I’m going to try before the summer hits.  I’ll invite you to join me… so tune in on Wednesday. 🙂

This was such a positive experience that we decided to give it a go next April!  Vegan Challenge 2015!  Yeah!

Click here to view final menu: Final Week Vegan Challenge


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