New Services at WIN from Dr. Laura

Naturopathic Doctors are professionally trained to offer immediate high quality health care.  Especially for those experiencing limitations in the conventional system, due to service changes and cut backs in government funding, Naturopathic Doctors can help people promptly address their health concerns.

There is a need in our community for more attentive and flexible health care options and Naturopathic Doctors are professionally trained, like Medical Doctors, to offer a diverse number of health services at assist our community.

I have had many patients voice this need to me, which is why I am excited to announce my return to FULL TIME PRACTICE.

Naturopathic Doctors have a very diverse scope of practice that compliments what we do with natural therapies.  I will continue to offer my eclectic solutions for health issues and I am offering new services starting in May to help further support my patients.  I have posted our clinic eAnnouncement about the expanded services I’m offering (see Announcement at the end of this post).

This is a very exciting time in Naturopathic Medicine and we are actively helping our patients experience authentic health and prevent illness.  Through this approach we are building healthier communities.


  • Address heath issues without using prescription medication
  • Preform injection therapy and IV (intravenous) therapy for advanced health concerns
  • Order and read laboratory testing
  • Offer PAP tests and female pelvic exams
  • Received prescribing rights in British Columbia two years ago. Currently, our profession is undergoing a revision in provincial regulation that may allow us similar prescribing rights as the BC Naturopathic Doctors
  • Have extensive knowledge about prescribed medication and are the only professionals who have the most comprehensive knowledge about drug-nutrient/herb/natural therapy interactions.
  • Offer short wait times and long visits. We allow time for discussion, assessment, health education and treatment.



1) Remote Consultations

Time is of the essence and with our daily schedules we need to maximize the way we use our time.  It can often be difficult to make time for ourselves and schedule our health appointments.  A solution to this common situation can be found through remote consultations.  By using Skype or FaceTime, patients can now arrange virtual visits from home, during a work break or if living outside the Niagara Falls.

2) Female Pelvic Exams

Last year, health care cut backs lead to a change in the recommendation of female pelvic exams.  The once annual exam has now been advised to be done every three years.  An exam done sooner than the three year recommendation will not be covered by OHIP.

Regular PAP tests have enabled women to be more informed about the state of their female health.  In addition, PAP tests are a simple preventative measure to evaluate early precancerous cervical cell changes.  Changes that we can address early with Naturopathic Medicine to prevent the progression to more serious conditions.

I am now offering this service at WIN.  Women who are seeking more regular screening due to their own interest in proactive and preventative female health care, if they have a history of female health issues or if they have a family history of female cancers can book their pelvic exam at WIN.  There is no lengthy wait time for an exam.  For those who have benefits, the exam will be covered as a Naturopathic Service.  Finally, for those who do not have benefits, the exam and health education will only cost $40.00.

This starts May 2014.  Call WIN to make your appointment (905-354-0267).

3) Webinars!

Attend a information packed seminar from the comfort of your home.  Click a link and view the Webinar from your personal computer, tablet, hand held device or regular telephone.  Webinars are great because you can skip the travel time, having to arrange a sitter or changing your dinner plans.

See the post below for more information about my May Webinar: Health Evolution to Revolution: Staying Health, Preventing Illness.  It’s truly a topic that everyone should hear.  I will be covering valuable health information about how we can keep our bodies young, healthy and prevent chronic illness and age related degeneration.

Stay tuned for more information on these Webinars or email for early registration:

Vaccine Decision Making: An Unbiased Perspective – Wednesday June 18th from 7:00-8:00pm

Burnout: Treating Exaustion, Fatigue, Stress and Mood – September 2014


See WIN’s clinic eAnnouncement here (click image to enlarge):

Webinar & New Services_Page_1

Webinar & New Services_Page_2



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