Spring Health Feature: Kidney Health

young dark-haired woman drinking water

We might not always think about it, but our kidneys quietly do a tremendous amount of work for us while we make our way through the day.  Our kidneys are one of our major organs of elimination and have many other functions in addition to helping to remove wastes.

Our kidneys secrete hormones for red blood cell production, bone density and blood pressure regulation.  They also reabsorb vital nutrients and balance our body chemistry.

In today’s world, the kidneys have the task of filtering extra toxins that we take in through our food, beverages and polluted environment.  Over time, if we don’t support our kidneys they will inevitably work less effectively.  Think of our kidneys like a mesh strainer.  Without enough water rinsing through it, it will get muddled with particles and the filtering slows down.

When the kidneys slow down, there is an increase in our body burden of toxicity, which leads to the development of health issues.

Supporting our kidneys is easy!  First and foremost… drink plenty of pure fluids.  Filtered water and herbal tea all help to hydrate the body and flush the kidneys.  We want to flush out the kidneys with pure fluids…this is not a dangerous thing to do if you are drinking around 1.5-2L a day.

Avoid or limit dehydrating drinks like coffee, regular tea, alcohol, pop, sugary beverages.  When we avoid these, and drink plenty of pure fluids, our urine will be dilute and light yellow with no odour, rather than dark, concentrated and strong smelling.  This is a good sign of healthy kidney function!

Finally, eating cleanly and avoiding manufactured food ingredients will also help to keep the kidneys sharp.  The food ingredients made by nature are viewed as harmonious substances for our bodies.  Our organs of elimination know how to sort that all out: nutrients absorbed and wastes easily excreted.  However, chemical food ingredients, hormone-like molecules, medications, etc., are very pervasive and difficult for our bodies to filter.  They hang out inside our tissue for a long time, can tie up the function of our detox organs and lead to health issues.

Specific Kidney Support

These are foods that also support kidney function:

1) Celery & Celery Juice

2) Cranberry Juice (Not Ocean Spray 🙂 Rather 100% pure cranberry juice)

3) Watermelon

Natural Remedies for Kidney Health

There are so many safe and effective options for kidney and urinary tract support.  I have worked with many people who struggle with kidney infections, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, water retention and medically diagnosed insufficient kidney function.  There are great ways to optimize this organ system for those who have had a history of urinary tract issues.  For more information, feel free to email me at drlaura@winhealth.ca.



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