FREE Admission to Dr. Laura’s Webinar for Blog Subscribers!

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This is an exciting time in my practice!  There is so much to look forward to and I’m pleased to be presenting many fresh new offerings to all of you in the weeks to come!  I know how much time and effort you put into being healthy and it’s a joy of mine to offer assistance and insight as we all take this journey together.

In May, I happy to announce that I am once again offering health seminars.  I am offering my LIVE talks in the form of online Webinars.  This is a wonderful format as you can tune in from the comfort of your home.  You will see me, hear me and see my presentation.  All you need is your computer and you’re set.

Check out my flyer for my May Webinar in the link below.  This Webinar’s topic takes a close look at what we need to build health, prevent disease and live long, healthy and happy lives!  After over a decade of seeing these principles help others,  I want to share them with everyone.  It’s my life’s work to help people be informed, find solutions and be empowered in their own health.

Admission to the Webinar is FREE for blog subscribers.  🙂

Spaces are limited. To receive an invitation to this Webinar please email your request to me at and mention your subscription!

Dr. Laura’s May Webinar!!


Stay tuned for my Fall Webinar Topics!



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