ABC News: Meat and Cheese Linked to Earlier Death

Fresh Meat

‘Nuff said.


Ok… I could end my post here but I just wanted to add a couple things.  The last couple hot topic posts have been about nutrition and health.  It’s just such a hot topic right now.  I’m so glad that we are hearing more about this through the media and studies are confirming what we have long known.

Here’s the article: Deli Dilemma: Meat and Cheese Linked to Earlier Death

The study, published in the journal Cell Metabolism showed these findings related to too much animal protein:

  • 74% increased risk of mortality
  • 4 times greater risk of cancer
  • Plant foods like nuts and beans could reverse this risk
  • “Diversity your intake” — Love that!  Diversity and variety is the key to a balanced diet.
  • I agree with the concluding statement that moderation is key.  However, I do feel that nutrition should be individualized to what supports health in each person.  Some people feel better having healthy protein options in moderation, others feel great on a plant based vegetarian or vegan diet.  We are all biochemically different… but one thing is for sure… less protein is more.
  • PS… a non-fat yogurt can be just as detrimental as a ball park hot dog.  For more info email me…

I was thrilled to see how many times “eating a plant based diet reduced the risk…” showed up in this post.  There was a time when protein was all the rage, but the popularity of plant based nutrition that started out as a whisper is now a message we are hearing more loudly.  And again, I think the more plant foods the better but those who aren’t feeling a vegan diet, there are ways to have a balance of good protein and still keep your diet healthy.


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