Warts: Get to the root of the matter


I have worked with many people who struggle with skin warts.  From common and plantar warts (i.e. occurring on the foot), to wart-like viral skin infections like molluscum contagiosum, I have see a major trend: suppressing a wart by “burning” it off may not be ideal.

What do I mean by this?  I have often visited with people struggling with persistent warts even after conventional treatment.

Warts grow in the skin in a cone-like shape with the broadest end being at the surface of the skin and the narrowest end being what is “rooted” in the skin.

Conventional wart treatment usually involves “burning” off a wart.  Either by way of:

1) Local application of liquid nitrogen (Cryotherapy)

2) Local application of an excoriating chemical agent (e.g. compound W, salicylic acid)

These topical applications attempt to excoriate, or burn, the skin affected by the wart with the hope that it will kill it off.  There is also the hopefulness that as top layers of skin slough away, the lower “roots” of the wart will be exposed so as subsequent topical treatments are applied, the wart will be weakened.

But guess what I’ve seen… Often another wart pops up right beside it.  And in most cases, multiple warts can develop.

I learned this back in the day, over a decade ago, by my sage mentors who claimed suppressive treatments that are commonplace in mainstream medicine, will inevitably lead to the development of a new health concern.  When the body’s natural course of resolution is interrupted it will find another way to deal with whatever it is trying to deal with.  The innate intelligence of our body!  A classic example of this was warts.  Burn a wart, you could see more come on.

I’ve seen this repeatedly with common and plantar warts.  But sadly, I’ve also seen this in children with molluscum contagiosum.  Conventional treatment for children experiencing this viral skin infection is to use liquid nitrogen to “burn” off the warts.  This can be a difficult experience for children.  I have worked with families who have children treated, only to have new crops of warts emerge.  This leads to more painful treatments and the cycle continues.

In my practice, when I work with patients to address common or plantar warts I recommend working on the way the body is dealing with the virus and this enables proper resolution from the inside out.  Moreover, the conventional prognosis for molluscum contagiosum is 6-9 months, however I have worked with children infected and seen this clear up in 6-12 weeks with gentle, kid-friendly treatment options.

Warts can be embarrassing and annoying if they resist conventional treatment.  Warts can be a sign of the body’s need for assistance.  If we use them as a signal to take a closer look at health they can be easily resolved as health is optimized.  If you want to get to the root of the matter and find out how to resolve warts once and for all, schedule a visit and we can discuss your solutions.


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