Huevos Rancheros


Ok… I promise… this is my last Mexican food post for a while.  I’ve just gotta get it out of my system!

This is a quick and easy recipe that is inspired by my best friend, Em.  We’ve been friends since grade 2 and just like a classic friendship, huevos rancheros is a classic dish that never gets old… kinda like Em and I… forever young at heart!

About six years ago I visited Em in California as she had a work opportunity that brought her out there.  I always wanted to see California it was beautiful.  Can you believe that was the first time I tried huevos rancheros?!  I had never heard of them, but they are quite popular in California.  I thought they were great and have enjoyed them at home ever since.

Here’s my recipe for a quick easy take on this classic Mexican dish.  It can be dressed up and dressed down.  The picture today is my basic way of making it but the added ingredients options are endless.  It makes a great meal any time of day!

– Ezekiel Bread Tortilla

– Scrambled Free Run Eggs

– Guacamole, or avocado pieces

– Salsa

Other tasty additions that I use but aren’t in the photo above: lettuce, spinach leaves, chopped cilantro, chopped parsley, black olives, black beans, grated carrot, bell pepper (raw or cooked), onions (raw or cooked), grated cheese).

Super easy… and muy bueno!



  1. puck013 · March 17, 2014

    Huge fan!

    • Dr. Laura Imola, BSc, ND (Licensed) · March 17, 2014

      Thanks Leila! Me too! 🙂

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