Tuja Wellness’ 30 Day Meditation Challenge


I’m a little late getting this post out to everyone but today’s post is about Tuja Wellness’ 30 Day Meditation Challenge.  Tuja started this great initiative last week where every day, for 30 days, they will send participants a meditation for that day.  Each meditation offers something different.  I have been really enjoying doing these!  It’s like a present popping up in my Inbox every day.

I decided to give the 30 day challenge a try because… hey… what’s not to love about de-stressing, feeling blissed out and doing a little meditation everyday.

I don’t often find time to meditate like I used to.  When I routinely taught or took yoga classes every week I was able to maintain a regular practice of mediation.  But these days, I often find I’m running out of hours in the day and I just want to hit the hay at the end of it.

That’s why I’m enjoying this challenge.  I am squeezing it in after the kids go to sleep and before I turn in for the night.  The “challenge” part of the challenge is two-fold:

1) Do the daily mediation sent each day for 30 days

2) Each meditation builds in time (week 1 = 5 min., week 2 = 10 min., week 3 = 15 min., week 4 = 20min.)

Meditation has the power to be transformative!  Constant and/or prolonged stress can crush our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Regular Meditation neutralizes stress and cultivates happiness, positivity and health!

Cue Apologies:  This challenge started last week, hence the apology about the lateness in sending this.  However, you can still sign up to receive the daily meditations!

Tuja Wellness is encouraging people to sign up through the month of February… it’s FREE… and it’s never too late to start! 🙂  Sign up here: DO THE TUJA CHALLENGE!

AND… you can catch up on the ones you’ve missed if you like here:  30 Day Challenge.  Furthermore, you can also listen to the ones posted on the website without signing up.  If you only have a few minutes to spare, click on a five minute mediation.

On a final note… check out Tuja Wellness’ website and really cool articles, videos, initiatives and inspiration!


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