Fine Line Between Loving Presence

Mend a broken heart

I saw this post from one of my favourite blogs, Mind, Body, Green, and it gave me such inspiration.  I found “The Single Most Important Thing I Taught My Kids” by Zoe Kors really resonated with me.  The article looks at what to do when people aren’t kind to us.  How should we react?  What do we do?  How do we draw the line?  What happens after the line is drawn?

This is a great reminder about an important life concept to teach my kids now as they are just starting to develop new relationships, but also a great reminder for myself.  Even though I know this principle, and I’ve known it for years, it can be hard to remember or put into practice.

When we feel injured by someone, it can become very stressful if the situation continues in some way, whether it’s through repeated conflict or dwelling on the encounter.  This type of mental and emotional strain can be physically exhausting.  It can also affect the way our stress hormones are secreted.  This can affect our immune strength, sleep pattern, energy production and mood.  For some people, their bodies can manifest mental and emotional stress through skin eruptions, digestive upset, heart palpitations, muscle tension and physical pain.

Imagine if we could all just instantly neutralize hurt feelings by simply telling ourselves to not take it personally.  Although easier said than done, this can happen.  Eckhart Tolle also says that as a person practices this form of consciousness, their ability to connect to it happens sooner and sooner after each incident until it finally happens at the very same moment the feeling of upset is being experienced.  Thus, neutralizing the upset.

The article was timely, given the start of the New Year.  I’m a believer in resolutions.  I have fun making a New Year resolutions, and I’m lighthearted about it because I tend to make resolutions all year round.  Every day is a new opportunity to resolve to see things differently, do something more consistently or try something new.  Some of them stick, some of them keep making their way into my resolutions. 😉  My New Year resolutions often involves one that tackles “energy drainers,” which is why I felt inspired by this article.

So… this article has given me a really great one to work on.  Consciousness is something I can strive to teach my kids so they can practice and build this mindfulness.  We can recall it as a family when they come home feeling hurt.  Finally, I will also practice it to sidestep stressful thinking and strengthen my own consciousness.


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