MUST WATCH! How embracing microbes, rather than killing them, is the future of medicine


I’ve been sharing posts about the importance of balanced body ecology (i.e good bacteria) and how this contributes to health since the start of my blog.  It’s something that I’ve seen help so many people and I’ve experienced myself and seen it in my own family.

A colleague tweeted a great link on an article that involved the gut-brain connection and how this is a new area of research in illnesses that involve mental and emotional health.  I while back, I did a similar post a while back that featured an article on the same topic.

Within the tweeted article, I found a gem that I think EVERYONE needs to watch.  It is a brilliant five minute illustration of the connection between good bacteria and health.  After a decade of practice, I know that this perspective on health is the way of the future.

I really wish I could have embedded the video right into this post like I usually do, but I couldn’t with this clip.

To watch… click on this link: Body Ecology & Health.  Then scroll down and you’ll find a cartoon video embedded in the article.  This is the clip to watch!!

The article is great, as is the audio clip at the start of the article.  However, I though the video was an excellent summary of why we need to change the way we think about health.

Naturopathic Doctors know that optimal health springs forward through respecting and balancing the body’s physiology, and the silent ecology within.  When we naturally build stronger bodies from the inside out, we set ourselves up for a lifetime of authentic health.



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