FOOD BABE: Can You Handle The Truth?

I wanted to share this incredible blog with all of you!  Vani, aka the Food Babe, has been working hard to create awareness about the food we are eating in North America.  She is so devoted to telling it like it is when it comes to food, she offers an unflinching look at what’s really in what we eat.

Her message is to help educate the general population about eating quality food and teach them ways to transform their diets.  I love her blog and her mission because a lot of what she does is meet people where they are at in their nutrition and help them build foundations to good eating.

For example, she has been a strong opponent of the use of artificial dyes in food due to the behavioural effects they have on children.  So many foods that are kid favourites contain dyes, a classic one being Mac & Cheese.  Vani has focused on informing people about the dyes in Kraft Mac & Cheese and set out on a mission to petition Kraft to remove them from their product.  After she received 347,000 signatures from people supporting her petition, Kraft agreed to change their recipe and remove their artificial dye and replace it with a healthier alternative.

Tackling dyes may seem small, but what she did was huge!  Her efforts raised massive awareness and was enough to put the pressure on a major food manufacturer, which led them change the recipe!

Vani’s work is getting noticed…there is so much she is exposing to raise awareness and bring about change.   She has also caught the attention of mainstream media and has been featured countless times on big time shows and press.  Just last week Yahoo featured an article on the Kraft event.

Her blog is amazing because it can help anyone at any stage in their own efforts to eat better.  For example, the family featured in the Mac & Cheese segment was taught how to make a healthier version at home from scratch that took very little time and effort.  When exploring the blog, we find recipes that range from healthy alternatives to some classic recipes that include whole wheat or dairy, to green smoothies to healthy vegan dishes and green juice.  She is representing a spectrum of nutrition that can fit all.  She makes healthy eating approachable and honours the process in cleaning up the diet.

I can really appreciate what she’s doing since I know that I went through the same type of awakening as the family in the Mac & Cheese video.  The family is in the early stages of discovery and trying new things.  Although it seems the are replacing regular pre-made food with organic options, it’s a practical start for them as they learn about healthy eating and clean up their diet.  I learned to clean up my diet in a similar way.  I started to make small switches and changes in my diet over time that lead me to where I am today.

There is so much on her blog that is free to peruse and learn from.  It’s been a favourite of mine for a long time, I continually gain inspiration and ideas from it and I hope you find it helpful, too!


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