Filler Found In Herbal Supplements


For years I’ve been advising people to use discretion when buying natural health products sold at retail stores.  I have known that not all natural health products are created equally.  Some brands skimp on the therapeutic ingredient, add more fillers and may not list all the ingredients contained in the capsule.

Recently the CBC posted a video report on this very issue with regard to herbal remedies.  You can view the report here: FILLER FOUND IN HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS.

This just further supports the importance of working with licensed Naturopathic Doctors for those looking to address their health naturally.  We are the only health care providers professionally trained to know about a very broad spectrum of natural remedies (herbal remedies, traditional Chinese herbs, homeopathic remedies, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, probiotics, etc, etc.) and we are highly knowledgable of when to use what remedy, it’s effectiveness, drug interactions and brand quality.

Many people end up with a countertop full of natural remedies that may not have a therapeutic effect.  It may seem that “the natural route” doesn’t work, however there are many considerations that need to be factored in to a natural treatment plan, such as remedy quality.  Naturopathic Doctors give concise recommendations that include therapeutic remedies from reputable brands providing high quality products.


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