Treating Urinary Tract Infections Naturally


I commonly see women of all ages in my clinic who are repeatedly treated with antibiotic for chronic urinary tract infections (UTI).  This happens very often and many women find themselves going back for a prescription to treat their symptoms.

The symptoms of a urinary tract can include one or a combination of the following:

  • Frequent urination
  • Urgency to urinate
  • Pain or burning sensation of the urethra with urination
  • Pain, pressure or discomfort in the low abdomen
  • Fever
  • Blood in the urine
  • Positive Urine Analysis for infection markers (e.g. leukocytes, blood, protein)

During an infection, many urgently seek treatment due to the level of discomfort this causes them.  However, there are many issues linked to frequent antibiotic use:

  • Decrease of good “friendly” gut bacteria
  • Irritation to the digestive tract
  • Create an opportunity for yeast or other unfavourable microorganisms to overgrow
  • Reduce immune strength and capacity to fight off infections
  • Increase toxicity (digestive and systemic)

It is possible to treat a UTI naturally.  Moreover, for those who suffer from chronic UTIs, it’s really important to use that as a sign that the body needs strengthening, especially with regard to the urinary tract and the immune system.

Here’s a first line UTI Natural Treatment.  Start this at the earliest possible sign of infection:

1) Drink plenty of water.

2) Decrease or limit sugar and caffeine.

3) Take a good quality probiotic.

4) Drink 100%  natural cranberry juice.  Not the Ocean Spray juice, but rather a natural cranberry juice, like R.W. Knudsen” kind.  Cranberry helps to prevent bacteria from adhering to the bladder lining.

5) For a stronger approach, try taking Cranberry tablets as directed.

6) D-Mannose capsules or powder as directed can also help prevent bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall.

If these things are done and symptoms persist there are still options to treat an infection naturally.  Even with the most severe symptoms of fever, pain and blood in the urine, licensed Naturopathic Doctors can help address these infections and eliminate the need for antibiotic use.

In my practice, I have a number of great natural remedies that are for therapeutic use, and are not often found at the grocery store, drug store or health food store, that can effectively treat infections and concurrently build the strength of the urinary tract and immune system.  Moreover, naturopathic treatment does not carry any of the risks associated with antibiotic use, but rather establishes the normal balance of a person’s health.

For more information, call our office to make an appointment or feel free to email me any time a


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