Change Our Food, Change Our Life


I was so fortunate to attend a full day lecture with Dr. Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) hosted by Truly Organic Food owners Lee & Kent.  Dr. Clement has been immersed in helping others attain their most optimal state of health, resolve chronic disease and prevent illness for forty years!  He eloquently integrated is forty years of knowledge, first hand experience with thousands of patients and is own health transformation in his lecture.  In addition, the good doctor practices what he preaches… and being that he’s in his late sixties he honestly looks at least 20 years younger than that!  It was so informative and inspiring!

One of the core health strategies at HHI is “food as medicine.”  This is something that Naturopathic Doctors have long considered to be important in a patient’s treatment plans.  Eat the natural and healthy food frequently and health issues will resolve.  Eat nutritiously devoid food long enough and health issues will appear.

Thankfully, we are seeing more and more of this message in the media, from conventional health professionals and in scientific research. Eating food that lacks nutrition starves the body of the vital elements needed for health.  This can age us quicker and leave us more susceptible to developing chronic illnesses.  This is simply because certain foods rapidly accelerate the breakdown cells by way of the free radicles and toxins that occur after we eat and digest them.

What we eat becomes part of our large structures such as organs, bones, muscles, skin, hair and nails.  Food molecules also impact the function of the microscopic body parts like our cells, our cell membranes, our mitochondria, our DNA, our immune system and much more!  When all of these body parts, large or small, are given vital nutrients to fuel their normal physiological function we become whole, healthy and happy people.


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