Grit: Living Life Like It’s a Marathon, Not A Sprint

Ok… so this months health posts have seemed to focus on the human condition.  Maybe it’s the lightness of the August summer, maybe it’s the place that I’m in these days, but what ever it is I’m really grateful to have so much inspiration this month to talk about health in a different paradigm.

There is a powerful, six minute TED clip that I really wanted to share with you.  I loved Angela Lee Duckworth’s talk on Grit.  Although it centred around education and learning, I felt this quality of “grit” can be easily be extrapolated to what we are doing every day to create optimal health in our lives.

When it comes to evolving our health, grit is a very helpful quality to have.  Transforming health takes time, and it is essential to take up the path with a mindset of a marathoner rather than a sprinter.  Slow and steady wins the race.

And with that, the “Growth Mindset” that she mentioned is profound.  For everyone, no matter what age, perseverance can be more easily experienced when we believe that failure is not a permanent condition.  When we work on our health we will have moments when things don’t mesh, something doesn’t help us the way we anticipated, a recipe turns to mush, an old anxiety pops up and so on.  When we brave the course, learn from each experience (even the one’s that don’t meet our expectations) and then keep going, we will inevitably build an enriched state of health over time.  If at first we don’t succeed, try, try again.

I hope Angela’s message resonates with you as it did with me!

PS… I have some excellent health topics to post about in the fall… ’tis the season for colds and flus, among other things! 😉



  1. Jamie Cunningham · September 24, 2014

    I love this video. And I might be simple minded here but isn’t grit just a level of desire combined with belief that you can make it happen? At least that is my formula. If a kid does not want to or see the benefit of exceling at school, it’s not going to happen. Likewise if the really really want to but just don’t believe they can, then the effort won’t be put in.

    I see this happen in business all the time. Desire x Belief = Action. And action is grit. There is some more details behind that like the desire must have a level of clarity to it. But that is the essence.

    I’d be keen to hear your thoughts.

    • Dr. Laura Imola, BSc, ND (Licensed) · September 25, 2014

      Hey Coach! I absolutely agree.

      There has to be the connection to why the effort it worth, a sense of being in the now, and the desire to do the grunt work in the present time to achieve something awesome.

      I feel like the increased screen time that kids are exposed to can dilute these things to some degree. When we take kids out of reality, it makes it even more challenging for them to form an understanding and connection to the beliefs and desire, along with the focus and attention, required for action in the present moment.

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