Rice Paper Rolls


This is where it all started… A good number of years ago, as I devoted myself to truly learning about nutrition through my own recipe testing and food research, I discovered an amazing website called The Sunny Raw Kitchen.  

I was looking for ways to prepare healthy, delicious and nutritious foods that were free of common allergens (e.g. wheat, dairy, sugar, soy, etc).  I found so many great and inspiring recipes from the Raw Vegan chefs of the world, one being Carmella, the blogger behind The Sunny Raw Kitchen.

Her recipes went beyond what I had ever seen before.  She was constantly trying new things and evolving recipes.  I quickly discovered what I could pull off in my own kitchen, what recipes appealed to my taste buds and what recipes my patients could find helpful …AND her desserts were out of this world!

It’s great to see that she has moved on to doing so many great things, including a new and evolved website: Carmella’s Sunny Raw Kitchen.

Check out her site and be instantly temped by chocolate inspired  (honestly… check out her cheese, too)!  You might find a healthy recipe that resonates with you or gives you a healthy new twist on something you’re currently enjoying.

I thought I’d share one of my favourite raw vegan recipes… Rice Paper Rolls!  These are a great fresh summer recipe, but they work any time of year.  These can be served as an appetizer or part of a main course.  They are fun to make, because the sky’s the limit with what you decide to put into them!  The dipping sauce gives the veggie roll extra zip! 🙂

Rice paper can be found in most grocery stores.  A food item like this is typically found near the sushi bar if they store makes sushi, or in the ethnic food aisle.

There are so many ways to make these, any combination of veggies can be used to fill the roll.  Check out Carmella’s version here:  SPRING ROLLS!

Thank you for all your inspiration over the years Carmella!


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