9 Natural Foods That Aren’t So Healthy


A little while ago, I did a post that featured Dr. Mercola’s “9 Foods To Avoid.”  This list of foods contained foods with mostly obvious reasons for why we would want to avoid them.

Over the last ten years, as I have worked with people on a daily basis to give them customized healthy nutrition advice, I have seen trends in people’s diets where they think they are eating a “healthy” food but in actual fact it’s not so healthy.

There are foods that are very strongly marketed as “healthy.”  They appear to be what a healthy food would look like, they taste good, people feel good having them every day because they think they are doing a good thing.  However, we need to remember that manufactured food is big business and there is a sleek marketing team behind every healthy food product.

I recently came across this great article that I wanted to share with all of you.  It just so happened to also be a list of “nine” foods… Read the article here: “9 All-Natural Foods That Aren’t.”   

It’s a really good reminder of things that appear to be healthy and natural, and are strongly marketed as healthy and natural, but actually aren’t the greatest for our bodies.




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