Morning Energizer


I wanted to share this awesome recipe with all of you!  Let’s skip the coffee in the morning and gear up with green juice!

Check it out here: Low Sugar Green Juice for Energy

This great green smoothie recipe from a Fit Sugar article written by Michele Foley.  It features a variation of one that I’ve recommended to my patients for years.  Personally, I love a green smoothie, and there are so many ways to make one.  They boost energy and are packed with nutrients.

Plus, this one gets extra gold stars from me… why…?

1) It uses Lancinato Kale… my long time favourite veggie!  If you can find it in the grocery store, since more stores are stocking it, that’s great!  It doesn’t have to be organic if you can’t find organic lancinato kale.  If you can’t find this type of kale at all, good old regular kale can be used instead.

2) It’s a low-glycemic index shake.  This is great for those who are working on balancing blood sugar, sweet cravings and appetite.

3) It’s rich with minerals.  Not only is this smoothie going to blast the body with energy boosting nutrients, but it’s also a super source of minerals.  Minerals are important for bone density and nervous system balance.  This shake will do the exact opposite that coffee will do:  it will contribute to building bones and supporting the nervous system.

Bottoms up!


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