Summer Fresh Salad

photo-1 copy

One of my most favourite things about Summer is enjoying a healthy, fresh from the garden, salad.  There’s nothing else like it.  I wait all Fall, Winter and Spring for the beautiful fresh options that we have available to us in our Summer.

This year, we registered to receive a weekly assortment of organic farm vegetables from Chez Nous Farm, out of Stevensville.  Rick and his family put a lot of TLC into their farm and so far the results have been so enjoyable for us.  We’ve received the most beautiful greens.  It’s early in the season, and every week we get something different… which is great because it keeps us guessing and using new veggies.  Still trying to figure out what to do with the garlic scapes.  I think I’ll just sauté them up and see what happens.

photo copy

Harkurei Turnips

Last week we received Harkurei Turnips.  I’ve never used these before in my cooking!  They tasted great raw, so I sliced them up and threw them in our salad.

We are also so fortunate to be getting a supply of garden salad from my dad’s home grown garden.  It’s growing in abundance in his garden this time of year.

All together, the fresh, crispy and light tasting greens are like heaven to my tastebuds!




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