Sweet Baby Beets


Ok… so we’ve established that I love unique greens.  I guess they inspire me.  I often have no idea what to do with most of my greens when I get them home, but applying fundamentals in green veggie cooking always brings me back to preparing simple and delicious dishes.

Case in point: Sweet Baby Beets.

I found these in the grocery store and I just couldn’t pass them up.  I knew that baby beets like these would be tender enough to sautee if I sliced them thinly.

So I though… let’s give it a go!

I brought them home and fell in love with them!

As I started to prepare them, I chopped up the green beet tops to wash before using.  When I moved on to the baby beets, I cut the ends off them and found this beautiful white and red pattern.





So pretty!

I sliced then thinly and gave them a good wash, too.  Beets tend to be sandy.

Then I threw the beet greens and the sliced beets into a large non-stick pan, and with a little olive oil, water and a sprinkle of sea salt I sautéed them on medium heat until the baby beets were tender.  I put the lid on between stirring to help move the cooking process along and steam the beets.

The result was delectable!


The beets were so sweet, and the greens had a really light and fresh flavour.  I was considering tossing it with a homemade dressing but they were so good I left them plain!

We loved them… and we ate most of it at our dinner, except for a little tupperware that I saved for my lunch the next day.  I would have really enjoyed those, if it weren’t for my  mom, who let her curiosity lead her to the tupperware that was holding these magical baby beets.  And understandably, she felt the pull of the baby beets… and ate them all up.  She reassured me they were delicious.  LOL!  And it’s all good… I was happy to share… nothing makes me happier than when a loved one enjoys something I’ve cooked that’s good and good for them!  🙂


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