Dairy Free Probiotic Drink

I’ve written several posts about my quest to add homemade probiotics foods to my nutritional repertoire.  On my quest to make really good home-made dairy free ice cream, I came across a phenomenal book from Kelly V. Brozyna called The Spunky Coconut: Dairy-Free Ice Cream.

One word: Amazing.

I’ve already gushed about how awesome the ice cream is from this book… but there are other recipes that are simply the greatest and what I’ve been looking to find for a long time.  Namely, there is a recipe for a Dairy Free Probiotic Yogurt Drink.

I wrote about my adventures making a probiotic drink, Coconut Kefir, out of the coconut water from young coconuts.  That delicious option yeilds a refreshing sports-drink like option.  However, Kelly Brozyna’s recipe for the Yogurt Drink was exactly the opposite… a sweet, silky, creamy beverage that is also rich with probiotic culture.  It’s a great option to drink on it’s own, to add to smoothies or to a make this….


Cherry Yogurt Popsicles… Roar Mr. Shark is going in for some!

And this…


Orange Pineapple Fro-Yo (made w real oranges & pineapples!)

Needless to say, we had a very delicious long weekend as we taste tested all these goodies.

Here’s Kelly V Brozyna’s Yummy Yogurt Drink:

Add to a large pot:

4 cups coconut milk

4 cups cashew milk (1 cup raw cashews [soaked overnight and drained] plus 4 cups of water and blend well in high powered blender)

2 tbsp coconut sugar (can find in the health food section of Zehrs, the health food store or order online at Truly Organic Foods)

1/8 – 1/4 tsp stevia

I added 1 tsp vanilla extract

Bring to a simmer, watching carefully so it doesn’t boil over.  Simmer for about one minute.  Turn off heat and let cool.

When the thermometer reads about 97 F (Note: I used my finger for when it’s medium warm) whisk in the contents of enough dairy free probiotic capsules to equal about 37 billion.

Transfer to a large glass container with a lid (Note: I used mason jars).  Set aside.

Sandwich a heating pad between two kitchen towels on the counter.  Place the yogurt in the glass container on top of the towel-covered heating pad, with the lid on.  Use low to medium heat.  It should make the bottom of the container warm but not hot.

Wake up... you've fermented enough!

Wake up… you’ve fermented enough!

The yogurt drink will be ready to refrigerate in 12-24 hours, or when it tastes to your liking.

Creamy, delicious and nutritious!

Creamy, delicious and nutritious!



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